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Is Your Family Stressful?

Summer can be a time for family vacations and get togethers.  Make it less stressful with these tips:

  1.  You know what the stressful parts are because you have done this before – you either grew-up with these people, married them, or had them.  Don’t expect people to do things differently than they always have.
  2. Plan for the stress by doing something different.  If you know no one can make a decision about a meal or little Gus breaks down at 5pm.  Do what will make it less stressful for you.
  3. Spend less time together if needed.  Go ahead make a decision without consulting the whole pack.  It’s OK.  People might even be grateful.
  4. Don’t plan too much to do in one day and be flexible to knock something off the list.
  5. Think positively, slow down, and enjoy the present moment.

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